Horticultural Report – April 2014

What to Do in the Garden in April
In the Edible Garden
• Erect climbing material for vining crops like peas, pole beans, gourds and cucumbers.
• Add compost to soil.
• Plant fruit trees, grapes, raspberries and blackberries.
In the Ornamental Garden
• Place stakes around plants now so plants can grow through stakes. The cheap green tomato cages sold in most garden centers work well to support many plants.
• Divide perennials when they resume growth. Divide poppies, peonies and iris in late summer to early fall. 4-inch diameter sections work best. Rake back mulch around roses Continue reading “Horticultural Report – April 2014”

What to do in Your Garden in September: Zone 5

In the Ornamental Garden

  • Divide perennials. Dig up the plant; cut it into sections; plant and water.  Keep well watered for first several weeks after transplanting.
  • Plant perennials.  They need 3 to 4 weeks of mild weather in order to become established before winter.
  • Plant trees and shrubs.  But wait until spring to plant the following because they are susceptible to winter damage:  dogwood, tulip tree, sweet gum, red maple, birch, hawthorn, cherries, plums and many oaks. Continue reading “What to do in Your Garden in September: Zone 5”