Horticulture Report – September 2015


Tree & Schrub Care: Wait until trees and shrubs drop their leaves or undergo color change before planting them or digging and moving them to new sites. At that time they are entering dormancy and will not suffer as much transplant shock when moved.

Broadleaved and needled evergreens, both dwarf and standard, are best planted or moved by October 1. Water deeply and thoroughly at planting time and each week up until the ground freezes. Continue reading “Horticulture Report – September 2015”

Horticulture Report – February 2015

General Garden Care

Continue to order seed, bulb, and nursery catalogs to assist in planning your garden for the upcoming year.
Unseasonably warm and dry winter weather will further stress plants that were not watered adequately during a dry Chicago autumn. During periods of winter thaw, water evergreens, broadleaved evergreens, and conifers as needed. Water newly planted trees and shrubs and all plants, including turf, that might be in the path of salt spray from salted roads. Continue reading “Horticulture Report – February 2015”

Horticultural Report – April 2014

What to Do in the Garden in April
In the Edible Garden
• Erect climbing material for vining crops like peas, pole beans, gourds and cucumbers.
• Add compost to soil.
• Plant fruit trees, grapes, raspberries and blackberries.
In the Ornamental Garden
• Place stakes around plants now so plants can grow through stakes. The cheap green tomato cages sold in most garden centers work well to support many plants.
• Divide perennials when they resume growth. Divide poppies, peonies and iris in late summer to early fall. 4-inch diameter sections work best. Rake back mulch around roses Continue reading “Horticultural Report – April 2014”