Standing Rules of Wheaton Garden Club

Officer Rules

  1. Although Officers are installed in April their term of office extends through June 30th, the end of the fiscal year.
  2. Each Officer is responsible for staying within the budget allocated and for prudent use of Club funds.
  3. The President can attend Committee meetings and participate in the discussion, but she should not attempt to influence the vote.
  4. In meetings of the general membership, the President can vote on items presented to the group, but she should not vote first, so as not to appear as though trying to influence the vote.

Committee Rules

  1. The term of office for all Committee Chairs shall be two years, coinciding with the President’s term, beginning July 1st and running through June 30th of the second year.
  2. The outgoing President will work with the incoming President to name Committee Chairs.
  3. Each Committee Chair is responsible for staying within the budget allocated and for prudent use of Club funds.

Board Responsibilities

  1. Board approval must be sought for the following:
    1. Annual Budget and changes to that budget.
    1. All membership status changes, as well as the offers of membership to prospective members.
    1. Program schedule.
    1. Allocation of funds to philanthropy and the recipients of that philanthropy which are proposed by the Philanthropy Committee.
    1. Any changes to governing documents.
    1. Any issue impacting finances, member obligations, or direction of the Club.

Reports and Record Retention

  1. Annual Reports and any updates to job descriptions and/or committee histories are due from Officers and Committee Chairs in April of each year.
  2. Officers and Committee Chairs shall maintain a brief history of the functions for which they are currently responsible.
  3. In general, records should be retained for a minimum of 7 years. At a minimum, this includes meeting minutes and financial records.
  4. Before any records are destroyed, approval must be received from the Board.


  1. Annual member dues are as follows:
    1. Active members – $40 per year
    1. Associate members – $45 per year
    1. Nonresident members – $10 per year
  2. Membership dues are payable in February each year for the following fiscal year.
  3. Upon admission to membership, in addition to the normal payment of dues, new members shall pay an initiation fee of $10 plus prorated dues of $4 per month for each month remaining in the current fiscal year.
  4. No refunds of any portion of dues will be made to members resigning from the Club.
  5. Active members are expected, to the best of their ability, to serve as a hostess or co-hostess each year and to participate in the activities and fundraising events of the Club.


  1. Every attempt shall be made to schedule all general meetings of the Club on the second Thursday of the month.
  2. If a hostess or co-hostess cannot fulfill her role as scheduled, it is her responsibility to find a replacement.
  3. Rescheduling of meetings and changes in meeting location must be coordinated with the affected Committee Chairs and hostesses, as well as the President.
  4. Prior to each meeting, the Program Chair shall inform the President, the Hostess and the Co-hostesses of the planned program and the needs of the speaker.
  5. Members must inform the hostess and co-hostesses if they will not be attending a meeting.
  6. Members shall not promote events or offer items for sale at Garden Club meetings without the prior approval of the President.


  1. The President of the Club must be copied on any contracts signed on behalf of the Club.
  2. Any contracts in excess of budgeted amounts must be approved by the Board prior to signing.
  3. The GCI Contract is a satisfactory contract for programs.

Drafted April 2020