About Us

The purpose of Wheaton Garden Club is the stimulation of interest in gardening, conservation, and civic beautification.  This tradition is continued by participation in local activities related to these interests.


Wheaton Garden Club was organized
May 30, 1925 at “The House of Seven Gables”,
home of Mrs. Will Lyford, along with Mrs. Robert
McCormick, Mrs. Joy Morton, and Mrs. George
Plamondon. A rich tradition began that day and
is still carried on 88 years later.

Member of the
National Council of State Gardens Clubs
4401 Magnolia Avenue
St. Louis MO 63110
Phone: (312) 776-7574 Fax: (314) 776-5108

Charter Member of the
Garden Clubs of Illinois, Inc. (1927)
188 Industrial Drive
Suite 120
Elmhurst, IL 60126-1608
Phone: (630) 617-9269  Fax: (630)617 9710

Wheaton Garden Club email address:

[email protected]