Philanthropy Chairman

Primary Function:

To recommend recipients of Club philanthropy and coordinate distribution of approved philanthropy to recipients.

Functional Tasks:

  • Identify criteria for evaluating potential philanthropic donations.
  • Identify, vet and evaluate potential recipients of philanthropy.
  • Recommend amounts and recipients of Club philanthropy to Executive Board, consistent with budget.
  • Arrange for notification of approved philanthropy recipients and transfer of amounts approved to those recipients.

Universal Tasks Expected of All Executive Board Members:

  • Meet with the member who previously held your role to better understand the responsibilities of the job, tasks required to fulfil those responsibilities, and a timeline for those tasks. The member previously holding the role should also share insights she has gained from her experience and any suggestions that she has for improving the job done in the future.
  • Obtain records and materials related to your position from your predecessor. Review these and store them for future use.
  • Make sure that any information which needs to be included in the annual Yearbook is finalized and given to the Yearbook Chairman in accordance with her schedule.
  • Critically review current practices to identify opportunities to improve efficiency, clarify communications, and reduce costs.
  • If you would like to make changes to current practices, contact the Club President to determine if Board approval is necessary.
  • Keep receipts for your expenses and stay within the approved budget for your function.
  • Ask the Corresponding Secretary to include any special information needed for the next meeting in her meeting reminder to all members.
  • Prepare a report documenting your tasks and accomplishments for the year. These reports are due in April of each year.
  • Attend Board Meetings arranged by the President.
  • Respond in a timely fashion on all votes required.


Between June and Executive Board meeting preceding the September Club meeting:

  • Obtain amount approved for allocation to philanthropy from Executive Board.
  • Meet with committee members to identify, vet and evaluate potential philanthropy recipients and agree on recommendations to be presented to the Executive Board.

At Executive Board meeting preceding the September Club meeting:

  • Present the Philanthropy Committee’s recommendations for philanthropic donations, consistent with the budgeted allocation to philanthropy.

At the September Club meeting:

  • Present the philanthropic donations approved by the Executive Board to the Club membership for approval.

After the September Club meeting:

  • Coordinate the notification of approved philanthropy recipients and the distribution of those donations to them.

Spring 2020