Plant Sale FAQ

What will happen after I click the “Order Now” button?


  • After clicking the “Order Now” button below, you will see the categories of plants that we are offering this year. The numbers highlighted in yellow refer to the number of options offered in that category.
  • Click on the pictures to see each plant in that category. Please note that pictures are for plant identification purposes only and not meant to represent the exact size and appearance of plants ordered.
  • Pictures of individual plants available may be enlarged by clicking on the plant’s picture.
  • Note that when you click  on “Add to Cart”, a quantity of “1” is added to your cart. Quantities may be adjusted when viewing the cart, and items may be removed from the cart by clicking on the red X to the left of the selection.
  • At any point in time you may return to the previous page by clicking on the name of that page in the “Home/Shop/…” line above the pictures.”