Ways and Means Chairman

Primary Function:

To be in charge of all fundraising projects of the Club.

Functional Tasks:

For each approved fundraising project:

  • Plan the tasks necessary to complete the project.
  • Identify a timeline for required tasks.
  • Secure the support of members required to execute the project.
  • Coordinate the execution of the tasks in the project plan.
  • Report on status of project at Club meetings.
  • See the project through to completion.
  • Evaluate the results of the project.

Universal Tasks Expected of All Executive Board Members:

  • Meet with the member who previously held your role to better understand the responsibilities of the job, tasks required to fulfil those responsibilities, and a timeline for those tasks. The member previously holding the role should also share insights she has gained from her experience and any suggestions that she has for improving the job done in the future.
  • Obtain records and materials related to your position from your predecessor. Review these and store them for future use.
  • Make sure that any information which needs to be included in the annual Yearbook is finalized and given to the Yearbook Chairman in accordance with her schedule.
  • Critically review current practices to identify opportunities to improve efficiency, clarify communications, and reduce costs.
  • If you would like to make changes to current practices, contact the Club President to determine if Board approval is necessary.
  • Keep receipts for your expenses and stay within the approved budget for your function.
  • Ask the Corresponding Secretary to include any special information needed for the next meeting in her meeting reminder to all members.
  • Prepare a report documenting your tasks and accomplishments for the year. These reports are due in April of each year.
  • Attend Board Meetings arranged by the President.
  • Respond in a timely fashion on all votes required.


For each approved project:

  • Share the project plan with the Club in accordance with the project timeframe desired by the Club.
  • Execute project plan according to the project schedule.
  • On a monthly basis, report to the Club at regular meetings on the status of the project in comparison to plan.
  • After the fundraising project is over, evaluate the results and present them to the Club.

For the Annual Plant Sale which, as of this writing, is the only current Club fundraising project, the following additional project specific tasks are required:


  • Update project calendar for current year.
  • Determine location of plant pick-up.
  • Review current list of plant offerings provided by supplier.
  • Select plants to be offered by the Club this year.
  • Update order form with changes in offerings, in prices, in dates and in location of pick-up.
  • Coordinate update of website with revised information.
  • Print order forms and flyers.
  • Open on-line sale site.
  • Inform past customers of beginning of sale, how to order, due dates and items available.


  • Receive and process orders.
  • Send order acknowledgements.
  • Track orders, posting payments received.
  • Send acknowledgements of payment receipt.
  • Send reminder of date orders are due.


  • Close on-line sale site.
  • Select Extra plants to order for sale on plant pick-up day.
  • Summarize items ordered and place order with grower.
  • Continue to post payments received to website and order tracking spreadsheet.
  • Continue sending acknowledgements of payments received.
  • At month end, provide checks received to-date to Treasurer for deposit and for payment of quarterly sales tax.


  • Continue to post payments received to website and order tracking spreadsheet.
  • Continue sending acknowledgements of payments received.
  • Recruit high school helpers for plant pick-up day.
  • Prepare plant signs for pick-up day sorting.


  • Continue to post payments received to website and order tracking spreadsheet.
  • Continue sending acknowledgements of payments received.
  • Enlist support of members for specific roles on pick-up day.

The week before plant pick-up:

  • Send an email reminder of the plant pick-up date and location to customers.
  • Send reminder to volunteers.
  • Prepare check-in sheet and reference documents for pick-up day.
  • Prepare inventory reconciliation sheets.
  • Prepare customer order lists for picking, staging and labeling orders.
  • Order food for pick-up day.
  • Estimate space requirements for order staging.
  • Set out signs for plant sorting for inventory and alpha signs for order staging.
  • Set up tables for day of pick-up and obtain change for cash drawer
  • Confirm scheduled plant delivery with grower.

Day of plant pick-up:

  • Explain tasks to workers as those tasks are required.
  • Unload truck and sort plants.
  • Inventory plants delivered and resolve discrepancies.
  • Pay grower.
  • Pull orders and stage them for pick-up.
  • Resolve issues when mistakes are made in pulling orders.
  • Check customers in, offer Extras, collect payments due, assign workers to help with customer loading.
  • Within half an hour of pick-up window closing, call those who have not yet picked up their orders.
  • Within half an hour of pick-up window closing, lower prices of remaining Extras by half.

By June Club meeting:

  • Reconcile payments to orders.
  • Determine total sales and amount upon which second quarter sales tax is due.
  • Prepare and submit a final report for the Plant Sale.

    Spring 2020