Wheaton Garden Club

Constitution and By-Laws


Section I.         The name of this organization shall be The Wheaton Garden Club.  The Wheaton                          Garden Club is a member of the Garden Clubs of Illinois, Inc.


Section I.         The object of this club shall be the stimulation of interest in gardening,                                                 conservation and civic beautification.


Section I.         Qualifications for membership shall be an active interest in gardening and a

                        willingness to participate in the activities of the Club.

Section II.        There may be four classes of membership:  Active, Associate, Non-resident

                        Associate and Honorary.

                        1.  An Active Member must participate in all activities of the club and must pay

all dues and any special assessments.  She shall have the right to vote and hold

office.  Active membership shall not exceed forty in number.

2.  An Active Member may become an Associate Member if she has been

an Active Member for five years, has earned the Associate

membership by serving on the Board or various committees and has a

valid reason for such a change.  The Board will have the right to evaluate

each such request.  She shall pay dues but does not pay assessments.  She

shall receive the Yearbook.  She shall have the privilege of attending

meetings but shall not have the right to vote or hold office.  She may serve on

committees.  She may be restored to Active membership at the first vacancy

by vote of the Executive Board.  She shall take precedence over a newly

proposed name.

3.  An Associate Member may become a Non-resident Associate Member if her

postal address is other than Wheaton Illinois.  The Board will have the right to

evaluate each such request.  She shall have the same privileges as an Associate

Member.  She shall pay dues but does not pay assessments.  She shall not

receive notices or invitations, but shall be sent the Yearbook.


4.  A member may be invited by the Executive Board to become an Honorary

Member if she has made an outstanding contribution over a period of years

to The Wheaton Garden Club.

5.  A member who has resigned from the Club in good standing may be reinstated

with precedence over a newly proposed name but not over an Associate


Section III.      1.  Active membership shall be open to an individual who has been a guest of the

Club at least two times.  The Membership Chairman is responsible for setting

up an introductory meeting with a prospective member who has been  

recommended by an active member of two years or who has contacted us

through our web site.  At least 2 other members of the club should also  

attend.  At this meeting, general information about the prospective member

will be obtained, and the responsibilities of being a member of The

Wheaton Garden Club will be explained.  The Membership Chairman must                                make every effort to fully acquaint prospective members with all members of the Wheaton Garden Club.  Active members may sponsor a person for membership after having been a member for two years.

2.  The Membership Chairman shall report about prospective members who

have attended two meetings to the Executive Board at its next meeting.  Upon

favorable action of a majority of the Executive Board, the name of the

proposed member shall be presented to the membership at the next regular

meeting.  Proposed member shall not be present at this meeting.

3.  Upon favorable action by a two-thirds vote by ballot of the members who are present, if a quorum of one-half of the membership plus one exists, the invitation to Active Membership shall be extended to the approved prospect by the Membership Chairman.  She shall report the acceptance or declination of the prospective member at the next regular meeting of the Club.

4.  If approved by the Club, a written invitation shall be sent by the Membership Chairman and shall include a statement of responsibilities.  The new member shall become active as soon as there is a vacancy.

5.  Letters presenting a new name for membership shall be kept in the files of the Membership Chairman until a vacancy occurs.

Section IV.      Any member who fails to attend a majority of meetings yearly without a valid excuse may be dropped from membership.


Section I.         The officers of the Club shall be: President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Third Vice-President, Fourth Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer.  If needed, these positions may be held by co-chairs.


Section I.         The President shall be responsible for the work of the Club during her term of office.  She shall preside at the regular meetings of the Club, at the Board meetings, and on all occasions where her service is required.  She shall represent the Club on all public occasions, when asked.  She shall make an appointment to have the Treasurer’s accounts audited at the end of her term.  She shall appoint all committees.  In the event an officer is unable to fulfill her term, the President shall appoint an interim officer.

Section II.        In the absence of the President, the Vice-Presidents, in order, shall assume all the duties of the President.                       

1.  The first Vice-President shall be Program Chairman.  This position consists of two co-chairs, to be elected as per Article VIII, Section III.

2.  The Second Vice-President shall be Membership Chairman.  This Chairman shall have at all times an accurate list of Active, Associate, Non-resident Associate, and Honorary members of this Club.  She shall present names of prospective members to the Executive Board for approval.  She shall present each new member with a copy of the Constitution and By-Laws of The Wheaton Garden Club.

3.  The Third Vice-President shall be the Historian.  She shall keep a scrapbook of newspaper clippings about the Club activities, or on matters of interest to the Club:  pictures, awards, etc. from which the history of the Club can be written. She shall be responsible for publicity when requested by the Club.

4.  The Fourth Vice- President shall be the Website Administrator.  She shall be responsible for maintaining the Club’s website.  Duties will include, but are not limited to, updating the members’ roster, adding pictures and articles about the Club’s activities, including the monthly horticulture report, and posting the annual plant sale order form.  She will also be responsible for passing along inquiries from potential members to the Membership Vice-President. 

Section III.      The Recording Secretary shall keep the minutes of the meetings of the Club.  She shall prepare a memorandum of the meeting for the President and shall write a resume of the Board meetings for the information of the Club.

Section IV.      The Corresponding Secretary shall send out all notices of the meetings, invitations and information as may be required to all Active members of the Club.  Associate Members will receive a written invitation to the annual meeting.  She shall conduct the regular correspondence of the Club.

Section V.       The Treasurer shall keep the monies of the Club from whatsoever sources they may be derived.  She shall prepare the annual budget for the Club with the President and submit it to the Board for approval at the September Board meeting.  The proposed budget shall be distributed to the membership prior to the September general meeting.  She shall deposit Club funds in a checking account and shall pay all bills by check.  She shall pay any bills not included in the budget only after approval by the Board.  She shall report at each meeting of the Board and shall file with the Recording Secretary, a written copy of this report.  She shall give a report of the balance on hand at the regular monthly meetings.  She shall also keep a copy of the audit in the Treasurer’s files at the end of the term.  The fiscal year will end June 30th and begin July 1st. 

Section VI.      All officers of this Club shall make a full report in writing at the annual meeting.

One copy shall be given to the President and one copy placed in the committee file.


Section I.         The Executive Board shall be composed of all the Officers and Chairmen of the Standing Committees.

Section II.        It shall be the duty of the Executive Board:  to supervise the affairs of the Club, to direct the correspondence of the Secretaries and Treasurer, to approve and order all expenditures, to pass on all names presented by the Membership Chairman, and to approve the programs prepared by the Program Chairman. 

Section III.      Meetings of the Executive Board may be held once a month during the Club year and at such other times as the President or the Executive Board shall decide.

Section IV.      The President can survey the Board by telephone or by email.  This decision can then be ratified by the Board at a later date.


Section I.         The Standing Committees of the Club shall be the Christmas Project, Civic Projects, Conservation and Environment, Flower Show, Horticulture, Legislative, Social, Sunshine, and Yearbook.

Section II.        The Christmas Project Chairman shall assume the responsibility of planning and purchasing necessary materials needed for Christmas favors.  These favors are to be made at a regular monthly meeting for such organizations as determined by the Executive Board.

Section III.      The Chairman of Civic Projects shall assume the responsibility for stimulating interest and carrying through any developments in civic beautification. 

Section IV.      The Chairman of Conservation and Environment shall participate in the conservation activities of the state Garden Club and any related memberships, to be paid for by the Club.

Section V.       The Flower Show Chairman shall have charge of all exhibitions and flower shows in which this Club participates.

Section VI.      The Horticulture Chairman shall cooperate with the Horticulture Chairman of the State Garden Club and assume responsibility in reporting new developments in horticulture.

Section VII.     The Legislative Chairman shall be counsel to the President and the Standing Committee Chairman.

Section VIII.    The Social Chairman shall arrange for the meetings of the Club and assist the hostess in any way possible.

Section IX.      The Sunshine Chairman shall assume the responsibility of sending cards to members and/or their families in the event of illness or death and on other occasions that would require recognition.  She shall be in charge of purchasing a gift for the outgoing President and member’s memorials.

Section X.       The Yearbook Chairman shall have charge of gathering all information on programs, dates, names and addresses required for the Yearbook.  She shall arrange for the printing and distribution of the Yearbook at a date designated by the Executive Board.

Section XI.      The Chairman of Ways and Means shall be in charge of all fundraising projects.

Section XII.     All Chairmen of Standing Committees shall make a full report in writing at the annual meeting.  One copy shall be given to the President and one copy placed in the committee file.

Section XIII.  A Philanthropic Chairman shall be appointed by the President each year in January.  Her committee will make a full report by the annual meeting.


Section I.         The annual meeting shall be held in April.

Section II.        The Nominating Chairman and two members who are appointed by the President in December, shall report all candidates for office at the meeting preceding the annual meeting, and again at the annual meeting.

Section III.      Nominations shall be called for after the report of the Nominating Committee. 

The elections of the officers shall be by ballot, except where there is only one name presented for each office, in which case the nominated slate shall become the elected slate upon a motion from the floor which is voted upon favorably.  The term of office is two years.  The President, First Vice President co-chair, Second Vice-President, Third Vice-President and Recording Secretary take office in one year.  The First Vice-President co-chair, Fourth Vice-President, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer shall assume their duties in the subsequent year.   

Section IV.      The new officers and the Executive Board shall assume duties after the June



Section I.         Dues of Active Members shall be $40.00 a year; dues of Associate Members shall be $45.00 a year; dues of Non-Resident Members shall be $10.00 a year.  Honorary Members shall not pay dues.  These dues are payable unless otherwise determined by action of the Executive Board and the Club.  Dues shall include the fee for annual membership in the Garden Clubs of Illinois, Inc., an affiliate to the National Council of State Garden Clubs, and the price of one annual subscription to GARDEN Glories, which amount shall be paid on behalf of the member by the Treasurer of the Club.  Changes in assessments and dues shall be voted by the Executive Board and Club, if necessary.

Section II.        Dues shall be due and payable at the February meeting.  The Treasurer shall send a reminder to those members who have not paid their dues by the March meeting.

Section III.      Initiation fee shall be $10.00.

Section IV.      The dues of new members shall be prorated in accordance with their election to membership.

Section V.       Members whose dues are not paid by January first of the following year, due notice having been given, may be dropped from membership.


Section I.         There shall be at least one meeting a month of The Wheaton Garden Club, unless otherwise determined by action of the Executive Board.

Section II.        Unless otherwise ordered by the Executive Board or by the Club, regular meetings shall be held on the second Thursday of the month at the hour designated in the Yearbook of the Club.


Section I.         Members may bring non-resident guests and prospective members to any meeting after notifying the hostess.

Section II.        The hostess for any meeting may invite guests at her pleasure.


Section I.         These rules may be amended at any regularly scheduled meeting provided notice to that effect shall have been given to the membership thirty days in advance.

Section II.        The Wheaton Garden Club shall be ruled by Standard Parliamentary Law. *

*All members are asked to familiarize themselves with Standard Parliamentary Law in

order that the meetings may proceed in an orderly and efficient manner.

Robert’s Rules of Order are widely available.

Suggested reading:

Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised In Brief, 2nd edition (Roberts Rules of Order in


Brief) [Paperback]

Henry M. III Robert (Author), Daniel H. Honemann (Author), Thomas J. Balch (Author), Daniel

E. Seabold (Contributor), Shmuel Gerber (Contributor)

Revised November 2018