Holiday Luncheon

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Today we enjoyed our annual Holiday Luncheon, with a Floral Design Symposium featuring Kathy Rose.

Christmas Luncheon Photos

wgc diane, rosanne, saundra, marion, kris liskey
wgc glen oak cindy, carol, terri d, karen r, beth and maria sherry schwass
wgc glen oak maria, jane k and beth socializing
wgc glen oak saundra, marion f, holly, terri t
wgc glen oak xmas party holly, kris l, kathy l and kim
wgc xmas party 2016 lightened version of cheryl, diane and roseanne
wgc xmas party glen oak Andrew making arrangement
wgc 2016 xmas speaker doing another arrangement
wgc xmas party 2016 lucy and diane watch speaker
wgc glen oak cindy, carol, terri d, karen r, beth and maria sherry schwass (1)
wgc xmas party dried orange slice ornament by Cheryl
wgc xmas party arrangement in red merry christmas bucket
wgc xmas party centerpiece 12-8-16
wgc xmas party orange pomanders by Cheryl
wgc xmas party peach roses and southern magnolia
wgc xmas party set of 3 vases
wgc xmas party wine red peonies and curly willow
wgx xmas party white peonies and parrot tulips
wgc 2016 christmas party cindy and carol l cute close up
wgc 2016 xmas party carol lathrop and cindy k. gerri busse
wgc cheryl, carol lathrop, rosanne watching speaker
wgc 2016 christmas party room and tables
wgc 2016 christmas party candy cane name tags close up
wgc 2016 christmas party candy canes with name tags
wgc 2016 christmas party foyer at glen oak with polar bears
wgc 2016 christmas party glen oak santa
wgc xmas party foyer with sleigh 12-8-16
wgc xmas party andrew making another arrangement with coral roses
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John Richter’s Hosta Garden

Our last club meeting of the season was held in lovely garden of John Richter. John not only gave us a tour of his 650 kinds of Hostas but sold us some of them right out of his garden! If you want to learn more about John’s garden, call him at (630) 393-3279.

How to Care For Your Garden/Gardening Tips

With this source Plant care can be simple when you know what to look for. Below are a few key care tips for maintaining a vibrant and healthy garden:

Check the health of your plants. Whether you’re transplanting plants from nurseries or growing your own from seeds, fully inspect your garden plants to make sure they are pest and rot free. Bringing in infected or diseased plants can harm the whole garden. Aside from plant disease, destructive bugs like aphids, gnats, and whiteflies should be eliminated using pest control Box Hill services.

Water properly. Overwatering can lead to fungi growth, leaf spots, and unhealthy plants. Only water as often as necessary during the growing season for your specific plant species, and let the soil dry between waterings to keep from oversaturating. The trick is to keep your garden well-watered but not soaking, and avoid wetting the foliage. You can get great information on this if you  visit Water directly onto the soil instead. This is easy to do when watering by hand, but if you want to automate things, opt for a drip irrigation system rather than sprinklers.

Treat your soil. Soil degrades over time and needs to be refreshed every so often. You can buy new soil from a local garden center, so make sure to check the quality of your garden soil and replace when necessary. Adding mulch is also useful for retaining the soil moisture of your garden. Mulching material will keep weeds down while also supplying organic matter to your soil when it begins to degrade. Fertilizing your garden is another method to keeping it healthy. Depending on the type of plant species you’re growing, use the right amount of fertilizer and apply appropriately to make sure you don’t overstress your plants.

Clean your gardening tools. Garden tools should be cleaned to control disease and prevent transferring any bacteria or dangerous elements into your garden. In addition to the other methods of garden care, clean tools can help keep your garden healthy longer.