Horticulture Report – October 2016

Illinois doesn’t have oceans. Illinois doesn’t have mountains. But one thing Illinois does have is PUMPKINS!
When it comes to pumpkin production, Illinois smashes the completion! Prairie State farmers grow more ornamental and canning-type pumpkins than any other state. In fact, Illinois produces more than twice as many pumpkins as second ranked California! 2015 farming records show Illinois farms harvested 16,200 acres of pumpkins. In fact, farms throughout the state grew more than 278,000 tons of pumpkins last year, which translates to millions of pumpkins. In addition, according to the University of Illinois, 90% of the pumpkins grown in the United States are raised within a 90-mile radius of Peoria, IL
It’s easy to go a little crazy for pumpkins, especially with more and more varieties, shapes and colors appearing at local nurseries and even at the grocery store.
But if you are like me, the days of carving pumpkins are pretty much over. But that doesn’t mean we still can’t decorate and enjoy these seasonal gems.
Pictured are “no carve” pumpkin ideas: Stickers, lace and woven stocking. Enjoy using your imagination to enhance your fall themed decorations using pumpkins in all shapes, sizes and colors!