Horticulture Report – September 2016

Think about Planting
In all but the coldest regions (Zones 5 and colder), early fall is an excellent time to plant perennials, container trees, shrubs, and roses. This month, however, it can still be hot. Do the planting on a cool, overcast, or rainy day to prevent heat stress.

Keep Your Lawn Looking Good
September also is an excellent month to reseed and repair lawns. You’ll need to water daily until the seed has sprouted and established. If the daily highs are still well into the 80s F, wait to plant grass seed until October.

Tend to the Garden
If mature plants are flopping, tie them up or use plant supports or stakes (crisscrossed like an X with ends inserted in the soil) to keep them upright and to prevent them from smothering neighboring plants.
Halt fertilizing of roses and perennials. It will only encourage tender new growth that will get zapped this winter.
Keep deadheading! You’ll have more flowers longer, not to mention a nicer-looking garden.

Although this time of year it’s tempting to forget about weeding, it’s worth the effort to keep up with it!
It has happened in the past- frosts can occur in September. Stay tuned to the television and newspaper forecasts to keep track of cold nights and frosty mornings.
Prolong the growing season by throwing a sheet or other nonplastic material over your annuals and vegetables. In fact, for vegetables, you can cover them indefinitely with any very light landscape fabric and anchor the corners with bricks or stones. It lets in sun and rain, but prevents light frosts from doing any damage.
Fall is in the Air
Attract birds to your garden by establishing their food sources now.