November Horticulture Report

The Ornamental Garden:

  • Plant spring-flowering bulbs as long as the ground is not frozen.
  • Protect evergreen trees and shrubs with an additional watering this month.
  • Prune deciduous shrubs and trees.  Once leaves have fallen it is much easier to see the structure of the plant and where branches need to be thinned.
  • Drain outdoor water pipes and hoses.
  • Clean and store all garden equipment and tools.


The Indoor Garden:

  • Rotate your houseplants to promote even growth.
  • On cold nights move houseplants back from icy windows to prevent chilling injury.
  • Plant Paper Whites.  They can be grown in water alone or in gravel kept moist.  Keep them in a cool, bright window and within a few weeks, the small daffodil flowers open with a distinct aroma.  Plant in succession so you will have a new group coming into flower throughout the next month.