Pots of Pride

Recently the Garden Club members shared their summer containers with one another and voted for their favorites.

Many of the plants used in these containers can be found in the garden club’s Plant Sale!

1st Place – Laura Christensen’s lemon sedum in a Woman’s head container

2nd Place – Michelle Kornhauser’s container of Pina Colada Lantana, Caroline Medusa Green Ipomea, wax begonias, and cannas

3rd Place – Marty Warrick, Prince Tut Cyperus Papyrus, Fiber Optic grass, Sweet Caroline Bewitched after Midnight Ipomea, Superbells Coralina & Tropical Sunrise, Rediculus Colorblaze Coleus

Looking forward to more submissions next year!

For more container garden ideas, be sure to visit our Inspiration page.