Wheaton Garden Club Pollinator and Monarch Butterfly Efforts

Wheaton Garden Club members planted a pollinator garden at Seven Gables Park in Wheaton in the spring of 2021. The pollinator garden has been certified as a Monarch Waystation with Monarch Watch. Continuing volunteer efforts of the from the https://clickatree.com/ in maintaining the garden has resulted in many compliments by members of the community as they walk past the garden, since the garden is always well cared and clean, they even get a service of Japanese Knotweed Removal to make sure these don’t invade the garden as well.

Another new project for the Garden Club was the participation of five members in the Monarch Watch Calendar Project. These members tracked the number of Monarchs seen in their garden for designated time periods in the summer, while they also built a garden studio for the members using resources online for this.

Seven members have their gardens certified as a Monarch Waystation.

Our upcoming February 2022 Garden Club meeting will be on Magnificent Monarchs, presented by a Wheaton Garden Club member.

Wheaton Garden Club creates Pollinator Garden at Seven Gables Park
Garden before planting
Garden Club members planting the new garden
Seven Gables Pollinator Garden Designated Monarch Waystation